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A lockdown makeover? Match new made-to-measure curtains to your interior

26th August, 2020

Made To Measure Curtains Reynolds Blinds

Home has never been the focus of our lives as much as it is right now and with many people having time to spare, there has been a boom in home makeovers.

While some families have chosen to spruce up the walls with a fresh coat of paint, others have gone all out with a complete redesign.

While busy parents, to whom time hasn’t been much of a luxury, may have sown the seeds of a plan for a future refurbishment.

The hard work of planning, painting and moving furniture may have left you feeling a sense of great accomplishment but are the extra touches niggling away at you?

Outdated furniture? A lack of storage to keep the house tidy? And, key to completing a look, do the curtains need updating to match the new look?

Do you need new curtains to finish your lockdown makeover?

Soft furnishings give a colour scheme, or co-ordinated theme, the added depth needed to make a deep impression. In a room that looks truly ‘put together’ every aspect should be considered.

With curtains usually playing a major part in a room, both in size and function these should top the list when co-ordinating soft furnishings.

Choosing new curtains – what to consider

Points to consider when choosing a set of curtains for a newly decorated room include:

Size – This is the most important fact to get right, but do you want longer curtains to add depth or a snug fit?

ColourAre you aiming for a minimalist finish or do you want to tap into a trend for strong block colours? Curtains can add contrast, or blend into the background to allow a focal point to shine.

Pattern – A huge variety of patterns are available for curtains from on-trend geometric shapes and bold florals to maritime-themed stripes and classic looks. Choose a pattern that reflects your personality, or that completes a theme.

DesignCurtains are available in pencil pleat, pinched pleat and eyelet designs, so have a look at which style will best compliment your room and meet your needs. Curtains can also be fitted with remote controls.

MaterialThe material that you choose can have as big an impact as colour on the look of a room. Linen effect, sheer glossiness, a heavy look, subtle matte-style finishes, or classic cotton styles are all available – the choice is down to you.

If you have spent the time on making your home look perfect don’t miss the finishing touches. Reynold Blinds provides made-to-measure curtains in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Oxford, Banbury, Berkshire and all surrounding areas.

Our team of experts can discuss your needs over the telephone or via email – or visit our showrooms to see samples first-hand.

Reynolds Blinds has worked hard to make sure all employees and customers are confident about the fitting of blinds and curtains, with additional safety and hygiene measures being put in place.

Choosing a new pair of curtains could be just what your home needs for the ultimate wow factor, so get in touch with Reynolds Blinds today to find out how we can help.

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