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Curtains Vs Blinds

28th January, 2016


When it comes to your window treatments you are faced with the age-old question whether you should use curtains or blinds. There are merits for both so let’s take a quick look at what they are.


Over the past ten years the number of homes that use blinds has increased. There are three things that make blinds different than curtains – functionality, look and cost. When it comes to functionality, blinds are definitely a better option than any curtain. With a simple move of your hand you can adjust the amount of light that enters the room and you can choose between different sun exposure levels to any part of the room. On top of that, modern blinds come in many varied styles, colours and designs so you can create a different look for all your windows. Blinds also give a contemporary look to your windows so if you’re looking for a more modern aesthetic in the home, then blinds are the way to go. They are frequently more cost effective to buy as well.


Curtains are definitely the more traditional choice so if you like a classic look to your window then curtains are the way to go. It’s true that curtains are available in more patterns than blinds but there are windows in the home where it can be difficult to use them and they don’t look quite right e.g. kitchens and bathrooms.

Curtains, just like blinds, can add a great splash of colour to the room and you can buy them to match the rest of your décor or to contrast with other colours.

The truth of the matter is that there is no answer to the question which option is better and many people use a combination of curtains and blinds in their homes. This is often the best way forward so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

If you’re considering having some blinds and would like some advice on colours, styles and designs then please contact us now.

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