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Complete the interior design of your Oxford home with shutters

27th February, 2020

Worcester Shutter

Whether your Oxford home enjoys a contemporary feel or is a traditional period property, shutters can provide the finishing touch.

Pulling together an interior scheme, blending room-to-room, or jumping from one scheme to another for a diverse finish can sometimes require one last flourish to bring it all together.

In larger homes and older period properties the ample size of the windows means that these can dominate walls within the house as well as the view from outside.

As such it may be that you find that it is these large windows that hold the key to adding the finishing touch.

In dominating the wall and controlling the light in and out of the home windows play an important part in both the décor and the atmosphere of the home.

Adding shutters to your Oxford home

The benefits of adding shutters to your oxford home are numerous while they look great and are extremely functional.

The benefits include:

Light control – Shutters will allow you to achieve the perfect balance between privacy and light in your home, leaving you in control of how wide you choose to open the shutters.

Leave some panes closed and others open to control shade, partially open shutters for privacy or open the shutters wide to let the sun stream in – the choice is yours!

Bespoke fit – Our Oxford shutters are made to measure, which means they are ideal for the tricky window shapes found in some period properties – or for ultra-modern windows in a contemporary design-led building. Curved windows, extra-large bay windows and tiny hall windows can all be catered for, ensuring that you will have shutters with a superb fit.

Privacy – If you want to shut the world out shutters are excellent way to do this. Used directly alongside windows shutters will leave you with clean lines inside the home - or can add the feeling or warmth and privacy if teamed shutters with curtains. Either way the solid structure of Oxford shutters, and their neat fit, will make sure you have the privacy you want.

Insulating – It not just about good looks when fitting shutters in your Oxford home, they are efficient too. The natural insulating properties of wood means shutters are effective at keeping out the cold and trapping in the warmth – or protecting the home from overheating in summer.

Smooth finish – Shutters blend in seamlessly to the rooms of the homes they are fitted into. Sitting next to the window and recessed into the window, shutters are a non-imposing and stylish way to finish any room.

The design of shutters makes them ideal for homes of all ages from modern to Victorian and beyond. Period homes often featured shutters, making them a natural fit for a home that aims to preserve its natural character.

While the minimalist, sleek appearance of shutters also guarantees that they will look fantastic in a modern home with a contemporary finish.

Give your home the finish it deserves by adding shutters to your windows. To discuss adding shutters to your Oxford home, or to organise a home visit, please get in touch with Reynolds Blinds.

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