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Can wood window shutters help to keep your house warm in winter?

27th November, 2019

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When the cold of autumn bites it can really make an impact on the warmth inside your home but wood window shutters can help to keep your home toasty all winter long.

Draughty windows can be a real pain when you are trying to keep your home warm in autumn and winter – and keep your heating bill down.

Trapping the cold air before it makes its way into your cosy living room, bedroom or dining room is the best form of defence against the chill of winter.

With the natural insulating properties of wood, plantation shutters are an excellent choice when looking for a window covering to trap in the warm air and shut out the cold.

Shut out the cold with wood window shutters

Wood window shutters are ideal for helping to control cold draughts from:

  • Large bay windows
  • Sash windows
  • Bedroom windows
  • Modern uPvc windows

Traditional windows in older properties can have a reputation for being draughty in the colder months and wood window shutters are an excellent way to help control the cold in a way that is in keeping with the look of the property.

However, many home owners also find that uPVC windows in more modern homes can also be prone to letting in cold draughts. Thanks to the contemporary appeal of wood window shutters they work just as well in a modern home, giving a contemporary finish.

As wood window shutters can be created in a bespoke design they can be created to fit snugly to cover a window – whatever the design.

Offering all over cover – that can easily be controlled, wood window shutters can comprehensively shut out the cold when you need, or let in the light when you want to.

Wood window shutters: A year-round solution

Of course, thanks to wood’s natural insulating properties, wood window shutters work just as well at protecting your home from the excess heat of the sun in summer.

A fantastic year-round investment, wood windows shutters will bring a timeless, stylish look to your home – and help to regulate temperatures whether it is the heat of summer or the biting cold of winter.

Reynolds Blinds has more than 15 years of experience in fitting wood window shutters. We can offer plantation shutters in five different types of wood with a number of finishes to compliment your home design.

To arrange a quote for fitting wood window shutters to your home, or to discuss what you need, contact Reynolds Blinds today.

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