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Can Blinds Transform Your Conservatory?

22nd February, 2018


Summer sun is on the way

It’s a relief to think that your conservatory will soon once again be a sun-filled room in which you can sit and enjoy the best of the spring and summer weather.

That’s not to say conservatories are always out of action during the winter months, but, let’s face it, when we chose a home with one, or built one ourselves, we didn’t do so to sit in the greying gloom of a winter’s afternoon!

A sunny challenge

The warmer seasons, however, can still present some challenges. How many times have you heard someone say “I can’t sit in the conservatory in this weather – it’s too hot!”? 

It happens. Conservatories, even with ventilation, can, if we’re not careful, turn into human greenhouses. And none of us wish to live our leisure hours as a tomato plant.

Sheets and towels! 

Glass in conservatories varies in its sun reducing qualities. Often in older conservatories it won’t have been treated with a tint prior to fitting. Sitting in direct sunlight can be a challenging experience, to the extent that people even end up hanging sheets and towels at windows – not the look they had in their mind when they were dreaming of long afternoons with friends or enjoying the Sunday papers.

Better tints are now available, but worth bearing in mind that even these have limited effect on the blinding and awkward glare of direct sun.

Blinds are best

The solution, though, is simple and readily available – quality blinds for your conservatory. Some eschew this option because they have in their mind an image of blinds seen at the office window. But modern blinds come in all sorts of designs and materials and can be fitted internally or even to the exterior. Rest assured, there will always be one to match your tastes.

Day and night use

Take a look at our choice of featured designs and you will see straight away that blinds are the way to change your conservatory for the better, allowing not only ease of daytime use, but delivering privacy at night too. And don’t worry about the shape of your conservatory. Blinds can easily be fitted to suit.

Blinds can give you days – and nights – of extra use of your much-loved conservatory. Check out the choice!

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