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A buyer’s guide to blackout curtains

07th September, 2016


If you are interested in buying new curtains and you’ve done your research, you will no doubt have seen a term that is mentioned quite frequently – blackout.  Blackout curtains, linings or blinds are specially designed to prevent light from going through. They are made with very tight woven fabrics and have a special design that can help people adjust the level of lighting in any room easily.

Using blackout window treatments is no different from using ordinary linings, blinds, and curtains. However, thanks to the special technique used in their production, they are able to prevent the penetration of light in the room in a much more effective way. Clearly, the bedroom is the perfect space for these window treatments and they are particularly popular for children’s bedrooms because they are so effective at stopping light disrupting their sleep.

Even though they are similar, there is a difference between blackout blinds, curtains, and linings. First of all, blackout curtains come with eyelet headers or pencil pleat. They are finished with very thick linings to prevent light. Any of these curtains can easily fit curtain poles and tracks and, as previously mentioned, they are suitable for any room.

Blackout blinds, on the other hand, are available in roller blind or Roman style and they come with a special backing to keep the light out. It is a good idea to use them in a window recess together with ordinary curtains to give a better visual appearance.

Blackout linings come with eyelet curtains or pencil pleat and they can fit existing curtains to keep the light away or they can be placed with brand new drapes to achieve a better appearance.

A blackout is a good option for those who want to improve the quality of their sleep. Most people measure the quality of sleep by the softness and support of their bed and mattress or the temperature in the bedroom, but the exposure to light is equally as important. Of course, by controlling the light, you will also control the temperature in the room. Blackout window treatments will also reduce external noise, aiding a good night’s sleep even further.

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