Vertical Blind Systems

The importance of effective solar shading in now getting more prominence in many aspects of the build planning process.

From using adjustable shading for workstations to comply with employee welfare laws, to helping new energy efficient building not to overheat in the summer, through to integrating electrically operated shades into the HVAC systems to reduce strain on AC units in the summer and then using solar gain to reduce the need for heating in the winter.

These type of projects need thinking about early in a project as the types of shading planned for can help building pass regulation. However not planning for it can cause big problems later in a project as they can be difficult to retro install at a later date.

Reynolds have access to a huge range of performance fabrics that can help many glass types achieve the Gtot values now being requested by design regulations. We also can help with BIM, advise on integration to BMS, and generally suggest solutions to meet design needs that are not only compliant but also discrete and offer good life spans in commercial enviroments.

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Our Range

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Slim Bodied Vertical Blinds

Slim but strong, our Slim system offers a great, cost effective vertical blind solution

Slim Bodied Vertical Blind System

Our Slim system is perfect for most commercial projects requiring a high quality, cost effective vertical blind solution. From the attractive aluminium profile through to the tried and tested, British made plastic componentry which has been UV tested for long life, the...

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Wide Bodied Vertical Blinds

Our wide bodied vertical blind system has many additional featires and benifets

Wide Bodied Vertical Blind System

Our Wide Body blind system is just about the most complete vertical blind solution available in the UK today. There are so many parts to this system that makes it special - features that are absolute benefits to you and your end users. This product can be made up to 6m...

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Fabric Overview

Our commercial range of fabric types, all flame retardant as standard

Fabric Overview

Commercial fabrics lead a very different life to those in a domestic environment. But with that said, it doesn't mean that they need not be stylish at the same time as being tough. Our collection of commercial fabrics is vast, and our favorites are listed below with...

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Additional information

Vertical blinds are fantastic when operated electrically. Our electric vertical blind offers tilt only in our slim system and tilt and draw in our wide body system.

Our tilt only slim system is a wire-free battery powered option which give around 6 months of operation per charge. Charging is as simple as charging a mobile phone. Our wide body tilt and draw motor is mains operated and simply needs a 230v power connection.

With regards to operation, we have remote control options, wall switches, operation via smartphone/tablet and integrated solutions into smart homes and smart office systems. We are more than happy to get involved at the design stage to say what wiring is needed and what shades would work well for you. In fact the earlier we are involved the better the job is likely to turn out so call us today!