Medium Roller System

Our Medium Roller Blind system, whist retaining a neat and tidy appearance, can cover most windows that you commonly come across in a commercial environment. The modular design of the Medium Roller System offers flexible shading solutions to you and your customers with options for brackets, fixing profiles, round and square cassettes and a range of side guiding options.

Add to this the option for chain operation, 24v and 230v motorisation and you have a system that offers a perfect solution for virtually every window situation.

The Medium Roller System will make a blind up to 2.8m wide with a 3m drop, and is available with tube sizes of 29mm, 38mm and 44mm. Every blind is made to measure in our own factory in the West Midlands, with computer planning calculating the load on the control mechanisms and deflection on roller tubes are within tolerance before manufacture to ensure that our blinds will offer you trouble free performance for years to come.

Fabric choices are huge from Reynolds, will all of our commercial cloths being flame retardant as standard. Our range includes blackout, light filtering and solar reflecting material, all in a huge range of colour to suit any colour scheme.

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Special Features

Medium Roller 1

Round Cassette

Medium Roller 1

Round Cassette

The round cassette option hides all of the roller tube, fabric and mechanism giving a really neat finish at the top of the window.

Medium Roller 4

Aluminium pelmets

Medium Roller 4

Aluminium pelmets

As an alternative to the full cassette, a neat pelmet in either round or square design can mask the blind mechanism to give a neat, cost effective appearance to the blinds.

Medium Roller 3

Cassette and side guides

Medium Roller 3

Cassette and side guides

Side guides can be added to a blind to stop light bleeding around the edge of the fabric. The aluminium profiles lock into the cassette at the top of the blind, and the fabric runs neatly down the grove in the guide.

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Additional information

Being a fully modular system, the Medium Roller System can be specified with any of the following options:

Operation - The Medium system can be operated by spring return, chain control, 24v or 230v motor or winding crank mechanism.

Side Guiding - Metal wire side guiding can be added to the blinds, where a tight metal wire runs down each side of the blind and threads through the bottom bar. This allows the blind to run up and down but reduces the blind blowing around if used when the windows are open. The premium side guide is the full aluminium side profile, where again a profile runs down each side of the blinds with the fabric running in a grove in the profile. This almost eliminates any light bleeding around the edge of the blind offering virtual room blackout if required.

Pelmets and Cassettes - The Medium system has the option of either an aluminium pelmet system which fits along the front of the blind header to disguise the tube and mechanism, or a full cassette options which encloses the blind tube and mechanism totally. Both are available in a round or square style.


What is the size of the medium cassette profile?

The round cassette measures 80mm x 78mm, and the square version 75mm x 77mm.

What is the maximum size the Medium Roller System can go to?

The system can cover windows up to 2.8m wide x 3m drop. There are sometimes some restrictions which reduce the drop that we can achieve, such as combining a cassette with a thick fabric, but we would know this in advance of production thanks to our special blind planning software.

If I add side guides, does this make the blind blackout?

Technically you cannot call any blind a blackout blind in the UK (An EU regulation). Side guides would probably not be sufficient if you wanted the blind for a photography darkroom but for almost every other common application the side guides will make any room dark enough.

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