Commerical Roller Blinds

Roller blinds have become the shade of choice over the last few years for all types of commercial installations. Our range of high quality, German designed roller systems has both Medium and Large solutions giving a the right solution for your window requirements.

We believe our modular system of roller blinds are the best available on the UK market. From a basic roller blind through to electrically operated blinds with room darkening aluminium cases, each system can be configured to your/your clients exact requirements.

All of the components, cases and side guides have been designed to look elegant and discrete, integrating into a window design with ease. The premium materials are molded or powder-coated in white or black as standard, with anodised aluminium, grey or beige as an option.

Our Medium system is capable of covering the vast majority of window with ease. The smaller tube diameters and cases look great in most situations and it can be controlled by looped chain, spring, crank or motor.

For larger windows our Large system takes centre stage with a range of larger tube diameters and cases. This allows wider and longer windows to be covered and can be controlled by looped chain, crank or motor.

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We are always happy to talk about your design ideas and discuss your new looks.

Our Range

Commerical Roller Black

Medium Roller System

Middle weight system up to 2800mm wide x 2800mm drop

Medium Roller System

Our Medium Roller Blind system, whist retaining a neat and tidy appearance, can cover most windows that you commonly come across in a commercial environment. The modular design of the Medium Roller System offers flexible shading solutions to you and your customers with...

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Commercial Grey Roller

Large Roller Blind System

Heavy weight system available up to 4000mm wide x 4000mm drop

Large Roller System

Our Large Roller Blind system can handle almost anything you can throw at it, with a maximum size of a huge 4m x 4m. This offers ideal solutions for modern architecture with the current trend towards even larger glass areas. This huge coverage is achieved with a...

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Benthin Vertical Pic

Fabric Overview

Our commercial range of fabric types, all flame retardant as standard

Fabric overview

Commercial fabrics lead a very different life to those in a domestic environment. But with that said, it doesn't mean that they need not be stylish at the same time as being tough. Our collection of commercial fabrics is vast, and our favorites are listed below with...

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View our fabric


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Additional information

Roller blinds are fantastic when operated electrically, and without doubt this has been our biggest growth market over the last few years.

We offer mains powered motorised roller blinds, which need a connection to electricity. And also our wire-free battery powered option which give around 6 months of operation per charge. Charging is as simple as charging a mobile phone.

With regards to operation, we have remote control options, wall switches, operation via smartphone/tablet and integrated solutions into smart homes and smart office systems. We are more than happy to get involved at the design stage to say what wiring is needed and what shades would work well for you. In fact the earlier we are involved the better the job is likely to turn out so call us today!